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8 warning signs of cancer

8 warning signs of cancer

 Don't ignore 8 cancer signs

Cancer occurs as a result of uncontrolled, uncoordinated cell division of a cell. It is an irreversible process due to permanent mutation in Gene. Cancer usually presents with vague signs and symptoms which makes it difficult to establish a diagnosis. So everybody should concern about the warning signs of cancer to detect it in the early stage. There are many signs but most important eight (8) are here: 

      A lump or hard area in the breast
     A change in wart or  mole

    A persistent change in bowel habit

    A persistent cough or hoarseness

    Excessive loss of blood at the monthly period or loss of blood outside the usual  dates

    Blood loss from any natural  orifice

    Swelling or sore that does not  get better

    Unexplained loss of weight

A lump or hard area in the breast: Breast carcinoma is the most common carcinoma or cancer in females. Many women remain undiagnosed breast cancer before producing any features. Therefore, Every woman should alert to screen a lump or hard nodule in the breast by self-examination. When she found something feeling hard should consult with a doctor for further management.

A change in wart or mole: Skin cancers usually remain unnoticed by people. Some cancer like Squamous cell carcinoma, Basal cell carcinoma are highly malignant. Sudden change in a mole or wart should need further assessment, evaluation, and management. There are some warning signs of skin cancer; change in appearance, change in the border, change in color.

A persistent change in bowel habit: Abnormal bowel habit (nature of defecation) is the key feature of colon cancer. Alternate diarrhea or constipation may be the only presenting complaint of many patients. Associated weight loss, loss of appetite suggest a strong connection with bowel cancer. 

A persistent cough or hoarseness: Cough is a common symptom or feature of Respiratory system or lung problem. A persistent cough with the characteristic change in voice may indicate something bad disease.  Long duration cough should exclude any cancer of the respiratory system. 

Excessive loss of blood at the monthly period or loss of blood outside the usual  dates
Excessive loss of menstrual blood in reproductive life or menopause may be a feature of cancer. cancer of uterus, cervix, and ovary may present with period abnormality and heavy bleeding.

Blood loss from any natural orifice: Bleeding per any natural orifice may indicate a serious issue. Bleeding per rectum, urethra, vagina, nose, mouth, ears are demanded a further investigation to exclude cancer. 

Swelling or sore that does not get better: Repeated ulcer or unhealed ulcer or swelling is an important sign of hidden cancer. The biopsy needs to confirm the diagnosis and proper management.

Unexplained loss of weight: Significant weight loss may be the only complaint of a patient. people notice their weight losses day by day. An unexplained weight loss with loss of appetite may be the only presentation of hidden cancer like stomach cancer. 

Everybody should seek medical advice as early as possible to detect hidden cancer at an early stage for proper treatment. 

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