Syphilis: test, treatment, symptom, & more Syphilis: test, treatment, symptom, & more Doctors media



Syphilis: test, treatment, symptom, & more

Syphilis: test, treatment, symptom, & more

Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease. It is caused by treponema pallidum.  

The infection is characterized by primary, secondary, and tertiary stages. The incubation period is between 9-90 days. Usually, a person presents with a sexual intercourse history of months back and painless ulcer. 

 Syphilis symptoms: 

 According to time syphilis has  3 stages,

Primary feature:

A painless ulcer at the site of sexual contact.
Local lymph node enlargement which is painless
Often women present with an ulcer in the cervix

Secondary feature:

Occurs 6-10 weeks of the primary feature
The patient may present with fever, lymph node enlargement
Rash on the trunk, palm, and soles
A characteristic ulcer in the oral cavity known as Snail track ulcers. found in 30% patient.
Painless, warty lesions of skin and bones are known as Condylomata lata. 

Tertiary features:

A granulomatous lesion of the skin and bones are known as gumma
tabes dorsalis
Argyll Robertson pupil (A characteristic pupil  found in tertiary syphilis )

Syphilis test 

Nonspecific tests

VDRL (Venereal Disease Research Laboratory ) test
RPR ( Rapid Plasma Reagin) test 

Specific tests

EIA for IgG and IgM
TPHA ( Treponema pallidum haemagglutination test )

A most common screening test is the VDRL test. It is non-antigenic and specific. It gives a false positive and false negative test.

The most common used Specific test is  TPHA 

Syphilis treatment :

Penicillin is the drug of choice. Currently, A single dose of 2.4 mega units of intramuscular Benzathine penicillin is used in early syphilis (less than 2 years).

Where three-dose in a weekly interval is recommended for late syphilis.

In pregnancy, penicillin is the drug of choice.

 Follow up 

 The resolution of signs occurs after  6 months.   VDRL TEST becomes negative.12 -13 months need for secondary syphilis. Specific treponemal antibody tests may remain positive for life long.


Safe sex practices can prevent syphilis and other sexually transmitted diseases. 
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