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Hypothyroidism symptoms, Test and treatment

Hypothyroidism symptoms, Test  and treatment

Everybody should know about hypothyroidism facts.

Hypothyroidism symptom

A 35 years of women present in the hospital with complaints of weight gain, feeling cold, irregular menstruation. features suggest she may be a hypothyroid patient. Hypothyroidism is a common disease in women. frequently present with abnormal menstruation, want to conceive.  It is important to know about hypothyroidism features or symptoms to detect the disease at an early stage. Hypothyroidism may occur without producing symptoms. As a result, a hypothyroid mother may give birth to a congenital hypothyroid child

Hypothyroidism symptoms

 The most common feature is weight gain. the patient notices that she gain weight suddenly. Other features are,

      Cold intolerance
      Fatigue or weakness
      Dry skin
      Dry hair
      Abnormal excessive menstrual bleeding
The above features are very common. Most of the patient complains these symptoms. Sometimes, Some features give a clue about hypothyroidism. These features are less common in disease but may be present.

      Hoarseness of voice
      Alopecia or hair fall
      Generalized pain in the whole body
      Muscle stiffness

Young couples frequently present with infertility

 Rare symptoms are 
      psychosis or madness
      Galactorrhoea or milk secretion from the Breast
The clinician checks such signs in the patient's body. 
      weight gain
      Hoarseness of  voice
      Characteristic face like purplish lips, malar flush, periorbital edema.
      Loss of lateral eyebrows
     Bradycardia (heart rate less than 60 beats per min)
     Delayed relaxation of reflexes
     Loss of muscle tone 

Hypothyroidism Test 

3 biochemical parameters are used to detect hypothyroidism
        Serum TSH
        Serum T4
         Serum T3

In hypothyroid, Serum TSH  level more than upper limit or high and 
Serum T4, Serum T3 level decreased or low. 
In subclinical hypothyroidism, Serum TSH level high but Serum T4, Serum T3 level within normal limits.

 Hypothyroidism Treatment

Hormone replacement is the key to treatment. Levothyroxine is given. the drug usually starts with 50 micrograms for 3 weeks then increase to 100 micrograms for 3 weeks than maintains at 100-150 micrograms. A follow up is required for drug adjustment. 

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